These are some of the most frequently reported issues found during a home inspection.

Radon Testing

Exterior Systems

  • Roof/ flashings/penetrations, roof shingles are showing ware, curling, cracking, missing. Rusted or missing flashings on gables-soffit-penetrations or improperly installed
  • Cladding/facia/trim- has deterioration or missing, needs paint-stain
  • Decks and handrail systems- floor joist no joist hangers, deck rails are horizontal not vertical balusters, balusters are not 4” on center, handrails are not round 1 ½” wide easy to grab if falling. Post have no footings or are touching the ground.
Termite Inspection

Interior Systems

  • Passage doors to rooms and closets do not close or latch properly. They need a little adjustment.
  • Window glass is cracked, and windows open hard
  • Bedroom closets have incandescent bulbs, not florescent lighting.
Radon Testing


  • Garage doors will not return with resistance/ door eyes not working
  • Fire Wall – garages with abutting wall to the residence or living space above the garage require ½” drywall on abutting wall and 5/8” on the ceiling.
  • Entrance door from garage- steel door or solid wood, at least 1 ¾” thick with sweep.
Termite Inspection

Electrical Systems

  • GFI receptacles missing kitchen counters, bathrooms, at the panels box, garages, and the outside of home.
  • Double taps, (double logs ) in electrical panels.
Water Testing

Furnaces, Boilers, & Hot Water Tanks

  • They are not serviced by technicians within a year.
  • Hot Water tanks/Boilers – Pressure relief valve has no discharge pipe, 6” off the floor, rusted vent piping.
Certified Home Inspector Jamie Provencher

Jamie Provencher

Owner and Certified Home Inspector

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